Explosion of emptiness ☂
How do you survive Florida?

Close all of the blinds, answer the door for no one, crank A/C, grab iPhone- HIBERNATION MODE INITIATED.


MAILING A FEW REPLIES TOMORROW- sorry some responses have taken me a bit of time; I honestly feel like I have no energy for anything. If I were you, I’d treasure my mail to you.. IT COULD BE MY LAST MESSAGE TO THE WORLD oh god oh noes

How's your memory?

Since my coma from a few years ago, it’s been pretty shitty. I often find myself forgetting ‘blocks’ of my existence. It can be a bit frightening, but also at times, it almost makes me feel as if I can rewrite a few things..

how do you feel about "fat" people? or people who are overweight?

Growing up, and being an adolescent retard, I always thought: “oh god- I can’t sit next to/ be near/ touch/ have anything to do with a ‘fat person’ because I’ll catch ‘the fat’ and ewww FUCKING GROSS”.
But now, a part of me also just sees a person.
A person struggling, just like I am.